My last day in this blog

Hi guys, I´m post the last day in this blog,I don´t talk about movies and series, I´m talk abou my experience in this blog. It´s my last post because my work '' Teach English''is finish, but, let´s enjoy this time, I´m talking my experience, 
let´s go.

I really like post in this blog, it´s good, talking too the public, expression your opinion, talking about your life,interacting with the people unknown, doing such a cool job on the internet., talking english,I love english, it´s my favorite matter in the school, and I have a amazing topic.

I have much shame talking too the public, for me, this is beginning, a victory,, I can express my opinon without fear, I´m very happy for this!!! Try to do this, it's a very good experience.

A movie for you and your father

Father's Day is coming, and we need to stay closer to them than ever, and so I point out a movie for you to watch together with your father, and obviously go to his Juno places. For people who want to stay at home with their father watching movie, I indicate''Pai in double dose '' Who does not know, I'll type a synopsis.
Father in double dose Brad (Will Ferrell) is executive on a radio and struggles to be the best stepfather possible for the two children of his girlfriend, Sarah (Linda Cardellini). But Dusty (Mark Wahlberg), the runaway father of children, reappears and begins to dispute with him the attention and love of the pimps.
The following is the movie trailer link:

It will debut in theaters in November Father in Dual Dose 2 which is similar to the first father in double dose, I will demonstrate with a video and a synopsis.
 Father in Double Dose 2
Father in Double Dose 2 'will show Dusty and Brad re…

What did I watch for the holidays???

During my holiday, I did a lot of things, I went to the movies, I saw my series Pretty Little Liars and Grey´s Anatomy traveled to a place in Tatuí, I went out with my friends, I went to friends' houses, but that's not what we're going to talk about, because the theme Of the blog is about Movies and Series. I went to the movies twice, watched Transform the Last Rider and Spider Man Back Home. And on the trip, when it was cold, I watched my series, Pretty Little Liars. Transformers the Last Rider Transformers is a very good movie, in the movie there is a war between the men and the Transformers who need to hide as much as possible. Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) is one of his guards, leading a resistance nucleus located in a junkyard. It is there that he meets Izabella (Isabela Moner), a 15-year-old girl who struggles to protect a defective little robot. In parallel, Optimus Prime travels through the universe towards Cybertron, its home planet, in order to understand why it has b…

Trailers and about films and series

Pretty Little Liars
Five inseparable friends have their lives changed forever when one of them, the leader of the group, disappears mysteriously. A year later, Alison is still missing and no one knows if she's still alive. Meanwhile, the other four teenagers start receiving threatening messages from someone who knows the big secret they keep. What do the four friends really know about Alison's disappearance? Are they to blame? Who seems to be watching every step of the girls and sending scary messages that expose their most intimate secrets, of which only Alison knew? Was it Alison herself, if she was still alive, or was it someone else who had always been watching them? In addition to having to deal with a secret that they try to keep at all costs, the four friends have several personal problems to solve in the small town they live in: conflicts in the family and in loving relationships are not outside the daily life of each one of them.


About the June Party

Serie Site of the Yellow Woodpecker
They have a espisode of the series Site of theYellow Woodpeckerthat talks a little about June Party celebrates the Day of Saint John. In the Site of theYellow Woodpecker theDay of Saint John, but there will be a fight between Aunt Nastácia and Uncle Barnabé , Which will end up with a children's happiness.
It was St. John's Day, Uncle Barnabas and Aunt Nastácia, preparing everything, while as children they thought of jokes and made jokes, the adults prepared the celebration. This is a new flag, one of Aunt Nastácia was orange and Uncle Barnabé was blue with pink, each wanted his own flag representing a Junina Party, and there began to roll that fight, one cursing the other and as children, dear , Who are an event, are successful, are successful, and dismantled everything that is arranged and began to create their own June Party, with games and everything. But as children for the deal, Aunt Nastácia and Uncle Barnabé are no longer workers, so Em…

News about series and films

Series The actrees who lives Emily Fieldsin Pretty Little Liarsspeaks about the finish of series.
Be close to displaying his last episode in the U.S.A and Shay Mitchell, who livesEmily Fields in the plot, talking be satisfied for finish the serie. In the interview withEntertainment Weekly, the actreees talking about a conclusion of the serie:     ´´I think we are for finish the time more perfect, because, there wouldn´t have been a better ending for that .`` Marlene King also commented to belive that the series is saying firing from its peak.   ´´We´re shutting down while it´s a big mix of drama and mystery. We worked very hard at the finish as Shay was talking, to deliver strong mysteries and strong emotions.``
The last episode from Pretty Little 27 june in the U.S.A .
This news it was published theday 29 may 2017

Tom Holland talking forSpider-man will have big participion in the film ´´Avengers- Endless War.´´The actrees Tom Holland speeking from ´´Yahoo Movies!´´ and  …

Are you know me???

Hello guys!!!😃😃😃

This is my blog!!! This blog was creating for project the school, but now, I´m describe for me.

I´m a speker, I´m funny, I´m greedy,I´m high thin, I´m loved hamburger,french fries, hot dog,pasta, filet steak, I´m love´d japonese food. My dream it´s going to the Mexico, New York, Miami, Spain and Japan, I love´d beach. I love emotions of whatsapp, so cute, I think it´s cute for world. My favorite film it´s: As I was Before You and Captain America Civil War, and my favorite series it´s My nanny is a vampire. This is my describe!!! Kisses and bye!!!